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My Pet is Not Putting on Weight

I was sitting in my hospital when a lady came along with the Golden Labrador, Male ,about one year old.

“Doctor, I just came on posting to Pune from Delhi , this dog has been regularly dewormed as per the instructions of doctor there but even then it is not putting on weight, I have been feeding him Chicken on regular basis”

I checked the weight of the dog .

“Madam, as per the weight chart, your dog is not underweight .”

“But I want it to strongest dog around, he must grow tall”

“Madam, he is Labrador and this breed comes into the category of middle sized dogs and his size will not increase just because you over feed him with lot of chicken etc. However, he can certainly develop the obesity or heart issues if you keep on feeding him in the same way as you are feeding him now”

“You could have purchased a Great Dane or any other tall breed”

“She agreed though reluctantly but she could see my point”

Some of the pet owners fall into this trap of selecting the wrong dog breed because they are not clear about their purpose of owning the dog. Though they are dog lovers for sure.

Never fall into this trap, consult your doctor or dog expert before you own a dog.


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