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Why My Pet Did Potty Inside The House

I was sitting in the clinic when one lady along with her Pomeranian dog came in. I could make out that she was certainly not very happy with the dog.

“Doctor, my husband has gone out of station so now I have to take out the dog for morning and evening walks, today morning I saw that dog has done the potty in the drawing room and the entire house is smelling very bad. It is so awful”

“I am so sorry, tell me at what time your husband takes the dog for walks in the morning.”

“Generally by around 6 AM”

“At what time you got up today, if you do not mind please?”

“I got up at 7.30 AM, wanted to take the dog out and I found out that he has already done the potty.”

“Madam, how can you change the routine of the dog so suddenly, I understand it is weekend and you are working lady BUT dog does not understand since he is used to go out at 6 AM. It was not really possible for him to hold till 7.30 AM. Hope you understand his point.”

Dog are used to routine, please do follow the routine and you will not be disappointed with their conduct.

Lady understood the point and I felt happy about it.


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